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Sales & Marketing

Sales is the final validation of your business; it is the responsible for driving revenue and the funds to keep your business growing. Ultimately, your business goals will be somehow linked to sales.

Marketing, on the other hand, is about reaching and engaging with your target audience while working with sales in a consistent approach to convert them into long term customers.

What does Avila Consulting do?

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We identify and develop the different stages a lead (potential buyer) will go through from becoming aware of your product and services until they become loyal customers of your business. For each stage, we indicate the recommended ways to engage, key messages to use, and actions to convert the potential customer to the next stage.

Depending on your requirements, we review the sales resources allocation and identify opportunities to increase efficiencies in the sales team.

A few advantages of this service are:

  • Improve efficiency in marketing budget allocation.

  • Offers clarity on actions to shift leads into customers.

In just two minutes, you can access your free and personalised report, which will identify strengths and areas of improvement in your business.

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Discover your Business Potential Score

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