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Implementation & Accountability

The execution or implementation of your business strategy is what will make the business achieve the goals.

Having a process and a cadence in place to track progress, review results, adjust when necessary and promote accountability will increase the chances of success.

What does Avila Consulting do?

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We support your business during execution by setting up and organising periodic review sessions with you and your team. During these check-ins, we will assess of the progress the plan, contributions from each responsible party, learnings, adjustments to plan and locking the next set of actions.

Depending on the requirements, the check-ins session can be conducted either in groups or individually.


The benefits of having this routine in place are numerous, with the most important being:

  • Reinforcement of alignment with the business goal.

  • Increased level of engagement and accountability

  • Opportunities to share progress and identify barriers.

In just two minutes, you can access your free and personalised report, which will identify strengths and areas of improvement in your business.

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Discover your Business Potential Score

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