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My professional journey began over 25 years ago, working with various multinational corporations, SMEs, and family-owned businesses. From South America to the UK, and finally to Australia, I developed my skills in marketing, sales, trade marketing, and strategy. Navigating the complexities of global business landscapes, I gained a profound understanding of what it takes to achieve success.

Today, I bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to your business through Avila Consulting. The name Avila comes from the Venezuelan mountain in Caracas, a majestic peak that symbolises power, growth, and protection. Just as the Avila Mountain shields the city of Caracas from the Caribbean Sea, my consulting and coaching business is designed to bring these same qualities to your enterprise.

My mission is to empower your business, providing solid strategies and insights that protect and accelerate your growth. With a focus on clarity, control, and alignment, I am here to guide you through every challenge and opportunity.

At Avila Consulting we adapt to your unique situation and needs. We believe in the power of strategic guidance to transform businesses so you can get the results you want quickly and consistently. We offer consulting to accelerate results and coaching to empower your leaders and teams to implement changes effectively with our guidance. 

We are committed to being a strong and reliable partner in your journey to success.

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Grace is a business management professional with experience in Digital Marketing, Sales, and Operations. Her extensive background in multinational organisations and successful entrepreneurship in the Australian market bring a unique blend of expertise and creative innovation to the business.


She recognizes that many business owners and leaders are caught up in day-to-day operations, often lacking the time or support needed to propel their businesses to new heights. Grace is a valuable asset for business owners and leaders seeking to implement successful strategies and achieve sustained growth in digital marketing, social media, and customer journey initiatives.


If your business needs a push, a thorough analysis of your current situation, or innovative solutions beyond the conventional offerings of a typical business coach, Grace is the expert to turn to.


Contact us today for a friendly chat and let Grace's expertise and passion guide your business toward its full potential.

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