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5 Signs Your Business Needs a New Strategy

Updated: Jun 19

Recognising when it's time to revisit and potentially revamp your strategy can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. Here are five questions and signs indicating your business may need to review its strategy.

Time to Review Strategy


1. Absence of a Clear Vision | Does the business have a clear and measurable vision?

A clear, compelling vision acts as a guide for the business and its people, guiding decisions and inspiring teams. Without it, you may notice a general sense of lack of direction among your team, a mismatch in goals, or even a decline in motivation. These are red flags signalling a disconnect between your business's daily operations and its long-term objectives. A strategy refresh can realign your team's efforts with a unified vision, setting a clear path forward.


2. Limited Understanding of External Factors | What external factors impact the Industry and your business?

No business operates in a vacuum. External factors like economic shifts, tech innovations, availability of skilled staff, legal requirements, and changing consumer preferences can dramatically affect your industry and business model. Recognising and assessing their potential impact and adapting to these changes is crucial to ensure the sustainability of your business.


3. Too Many Tasks | What is the priority of the tasks to execute?

I always say that a benefit of a good strategy is that it shows you what to do, but as important as that, it also shows you what not to do. Signs of prioritisation issues include an excessively long list of tasks, consistently missed deadlines, a workforce constantly in fire-fighting mode, or projects that don't advance your business goals. Without clear priorities, efforts become scattered, and resources may be wasted on low-impact activities. Re-evaluating your strategy can help clarify priorities and ensure resources are allocated to the most critical tasks.


4. No Execution Plan | Is there an execution plan in place?

A vision without an execution plan is just a wish. The execution plan breaks each task into actionable steps, assigns responsibilities, sets timelines, and defines the sequence of tasks. If your team is engaging in sporadic, uncoordinated efforts or if there's a lack of accountability for results, these might be signs that your execution plan is lacking or non-existent.


5. Inability to Track Progress | What KPIs does the business have in place?

Setting goals and milestones is important, but so is the ability to measure your progress against them. If you're unsure about how close you are to achieving your business objectives or if your performance reviews seem to vary wildly without reason, it's likely your progress measurement mechanisms are inadequate. This makes it difficult to know what's working, what isn't, and where to adjust your strategy for better results.


Being aware of these signs helps maintain the health and direction of your business. In case any of these signs resonate with you, it may be time to revisit the strategy, potentially with the help of a professional consultant, to navigate your business towards sustained success.


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